Our short-term and long-term courses for young people aged 14-17
online course
– Act as an entrepreneur: is it hard?
– What does it mean – to be a good manager?
– Is it difficult to run a company?
– And, is it hard to manage yourself? Is it hard to manage your own household and to be a successful householder?

During the online course your children get a chance to find the answers to all these questions. They start learning how to manage their own life, how to set up the goals and achieve the result to be successful, prosperous, and how to be able to make a contribution to the prosperity of their families and the country.

TEENS MBA is an online educational course for young people aged 14-17, aimed at developing leadership, systems thinking, management skills, and knowledge in the field of business. The course is designed as the first step towards MBA degree.

The program consists of seminars, business games, workshops, work with experts.

In the course of training, knowledge and skills are acquired in the field of:

  • company management
  • recruitment and psychology of personnel management
  • marketing
  • legal issues for doing business, including intellectual property
  • social responsibility of business
  • taxes, economics, finance and risk management

The learning process will be finished with a creative project-abstract on a given topic.
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We have been working with 3000+ young people for more than 10 years and helping them become well-rounded individuals, managers and entrepreneurs, working with their ideas and promoting them.

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online course
YOUTH Accelerator
Any young person has ideas that can change the world, and everybody knows that children are much more creative than adult people because they investigate nature, society, and themselves every day.

The history of humanity knows many cases of how young people under 16 invented new product, implemented their personal idea and built a business on it, began to earn money.
Based on our experience of working on youth projects support and acceleration, we believe that a teenager who is already 14 years old can come up with an idea and implement it as a full-fledged business project.

Therefore, the program is aimed solely at enabling young people to be ready to transform the idea to business plan. We give them tools that will help them become successful in the future.

YOUTH Accelerator is an online project-oriented course for young people aged 14-17, aimed at development of their own business ideas.

The participant goes through a step-by-step immersion in the philosophy of entrepreneurship, identifies a problem in the market, generates ideas for solving the problem, considers the idea from the point of view of business modeling and translates ideas into a business plan format with the assistance of mentors and experts.

The participant masters basics of business/startup management (including risk management), methods of assembling youth project into a workable business model and its positioning and receives skills in the field of:

  • the ability to think systematically
  • people management
  • understanding of economic processes
  • speak and promote their ideas and thoughts.

The result for young people, in addition to skills and advanced thinking: start-up business plan – a package of documents and presentation materials about their own project, which the participant can use in the future working on the project implementation

Look at your children! Get to know and feel what is there in their mind, in the inner being, and help them realize themselves and their business ideas with us!
Look at your children!
Get to know and feel what is there in their mind, in the inner being!

Help them realize themselves and their business ideas with us!